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We pride ourselves in being different than the others out there!

We believe every child is unique, with active minds that continuously learn new things. And educating these little minds, as they laugh and learn through play, is a huge responsibility; a responsibility we take very seriously at Lollipop Nursery & Day Care.

We also believe no one knows your child like you do. Which is why, we partner with parents like you to understand your child better and adapt the learning experience to meet their specific needs. Together, we can nurture these little minds and get them ready for the real world. Read on or visit us to know more on how your child will benefit at Lollipop Nursery & Day Care.

It’s amazing how much little minds learn during their early years…

This is why we, at Lollipop Nursery, strive to provide a fun environment where our little ones enjoy education based activities and lots of play. It is our experience as educators and our passion to provide your child with an all-round learning platform that makes Lollipop Nursery the perfect preschool for your child.

What makes lollipop nursery truly unique is our

Nurturing Environment

Our nursery has been thoughtfully planned to help your child grow up in a safe environment, feeling confident and cared for.

History Of Excellence Since 2002

Our years of experience guarantees your child will be receiving world-class education and care.

Qualified Staff

We strictly employee qualified and experienced staff to help your child to learn and find his/her true potential.

Wonderful Location

Our nursery location is safe, green and strategically placed away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

An Effective Curriculum

A curriculum that will help our children excel whether British or Indian schools.

Our App

Get regular updates about your child on our app.

Learning Pods

Our learning pods ensure your child’s progress in all key areas such as physical development, learning alphabets, numbers, phonics, rhymes, developing fine motor skills (to hold pencil & develop writing skills), learning values etc..

Parental Involvement

We involve our parents to offer a learning experience that meets your child’s specific needs. Hence, we frequently conduct PTA’s.

Our Gallery

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