It’s no tall claim – it’s true. At Lollipop Nursery, we offer the best of the British EYFS programme and the Indian programme based on our LEARN philosophy, thus giving your child an extra edge in today’s competitive world.

Everything, from our facilities to our course structure, is created to provide the very best level of preschool education that helps your child in their physical, moral, intellectual, creative, language, social and emotional development. And our experienced teachers ensure that these cater to your child’s specific needs.

Learning numbers through play at Lollipop Nursery Sharjah
Learning numbers through play

Learning Through Play

Our nursery and its surroundings have been thoughtfully created to include symbols, letters, numbers, rhymes, educational pictures, books etc. to help your child learn and develop faster. We also plan and conduct many indoor and outdoor activities to help your toddler develop intellectually, physically, creatively, emotionally and socially.

Learning Alphabets using blocks at Lollipop Nursery Sharjah
Learning Alphabets using blocks at lollipop nursery

British EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage stresses on the importance of learning through play. And by basing our entire course structure on learning based activities, we strive to help your child evolve and excel at communication and language, physical development, personal, social & emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts & design.

Learning Pencil grip for schools at Lollipop Nursery Sharjah
Learning Pencil grip for schools

Indian CBSE School Preparation

Most Indian schools have Entry level tests, which each child needs to ace to gain admission. At Lollipop Nursery, our staff with ample experience in CBSE schools offer special training in the Indian curriculum so that your child passes the test with flying colors and gains admission in the CBSE based school of your choice. 

Science Learning Pod at Lollipop Nursery Sharjah
Science Learning Pod at the Lollipop Nursery

Learning Pods

The 14 Learning Pods at Lollipop Nursery are specifically designed and equipped with the right learning materials to initiate your child into progressive learning of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and other activity based physical and mental skills.

Parent's Role

As parents, you can do a lot to ensure your child’ overall development. And as an experienced toddler and young children’s nursery, we plan to work with you to help discover your child’s strengths and improve on challenging areas so that they can effectively transition into confident little students who are ready for school.

Our Focus Areas

Our main focus is to provide your child with the learning experiences and fundamentals that they require to excel in Indian/British schools. We also focus on the following main areas carefully structured by our experienced Management to help your child learn and develop.

Personal and Social Development

With special story telling sessions, role-play, singing, show-and-tell, language and number classes and a unique collection of interesting library books, Lollipop Nursery ensures that children get over their stage fears and learn to work as a team.

Creative Development

With special painting, drawing, play dough modelling, music and dance classes, every child at Lollipop Nursery is given a chance to explore sound, textures and colours and gain confidence to be creative and freely express themselves.

Language and Literacy

At Lollipop Nursery, we encourage children to listen and learn from stories. Our library facilitates children with all kinds of books in English that enable them to develop their vocabulary and language skills.

Physical Development

Our indoor and outdoor play area helps develop concentration, eye – hand coordination, body balance and spatial awareness of your child.


Here, children develop their mathematical abilities through games, rhymes, and practical sessions like head counting, matching, sequencing, time telling etc. Our cooking sessions also help children to learn about measurements and volumes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Children learn by exploring their surroundings. Our multi- cultural surroundings help children to learn about people around the world and their cultures. Field trips, events and celebrations help them to understand and discover this wonderful world surrounding them.