Play. Learn. Explore. Gift your child a better tomorrow, today.
"It is true that we cannot make a genius.
We can only give to each child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities" - Maria Montessori
Give your child a chance to fulfill his/her true
potential.Give them the chance to be moulded by experienced hands.
Gift them the opportunity to discover their true
Gift your child a better tomorrow, today.
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    Welcome to Lollipop Nursery. A home for children filled wih fun and excitement. A home where dreams, hopes and potential are kindled into the minds of the children....




    Sports Day


    Spring Festival


    Mothers Day Celebration!

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  • Facilities

    • Spacious Outdoor Play Area

    • Indoor Play Area

    • Sand Pit

    • Water Zone

    • Extensive Library


    • Computer Classes

    • Kitchen Fun

    • Kids Gym and PT

    • Art and Craft Training

    • Music

    • Story Times

    • Field Trips

    • Theatre


    • Study time

    • Homework

    • Public Speaking

    • Creative writing

    • Music classes
  • Contact Info

    Lollipop Nursery
    Villa 12, near Green House Resort
    Corniche Road, Sharjah

    MOBILE 1:050-4769507
    MOBILE 2:050-5535967
    E-mail: Location: Lollipop Nursery

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  • About us

    "A child is both a hope and promise for mankind." – Maria Montessori

    Welcome to Lollipop Nursery. We believe every child is special; full of dreams, hopes and wonder and brimming with joy and potential. But to be a teacher, doctor, leader or world changer, they first need to be ready for the real world. They need to discover their potential and be confident individuals that are capable of making a difference.
    That's why your child needs a simulating environment where they can play and explore, learn and think and bring out the best in them. That's why your child needs qualified and experienced hands that can support, encourage and guide them through this journey.
    That's why your child needs Lollipop Nursery.

    Gift your Child a better tomorrow, today.


    My child loves going to Lollipop. And the training is first – class. The perfect place for little ones. – Mrs. R Khan

    I would recommend Lollipop to my friends any day. Wonderful staff, friendly atmosphere and the perfect environment for nurturing young minds. – Mrs. Meera

    As soon as I walked in, I wanted my children to come here. The nursery has a warm, family like feeling. – Mrs. Evans

  • Latest updates


    Eid Mubarak
    The Nursery will remain closed starting 10 October 2013 and will reopen on 19 October 2013, as per the rule set by the Sharjah Ministry.
    The Lollipop Nursery Management wishes all the Kids and their Families a Eid Mubarak


    Mothers Visit the Nursery.
    The Mothers of the children visit the Nursery for an awesome day of fun and ....... more fun.


    Municipality officials visit the Nursery!
    The Sharjah Municipality officials visited the Nursery for inspection. They had only positive notes to say about the Nursery. They were happy and in all smiles when they left the Nursery and thats how we plan to keep them!


    Children have a fun trip to Carrefour.
    The Children go on an awesome fun trip to Carrefour. Visit the following page to read more about the fun trip that they had!
    Carrefour Trip


    Same Nursery. New Management.
    Yes, Lollipop Nursery is now under a new management headed by Mrs. Pratibha Venugopal who has more than 30 years of work experience in Dubai's education sector. The nursery is now planning to improve the existing facilities available and will soon offer your kids an exciting learning experience.


    Admissions Open!
    Admissions to the academic year 2013 – 14 are now open. Please feel free to download the admissions form from our links.


    Opening on September 8.
    Attention all parents, Lollipop Nursery will begin its new session from the 8 September. Bus services will be available.


    We have opened and new photos have been added to our photo gallery. Go check it out!!

  • Directors Message

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Lollipop Nursery. Welcome to a world of fun and learning.
    We aim to facilitate the very best level of child care ensuring each child is provided with quality education in a safe and caring environment, where they learn through play.
    Our commitment to providing a quality learning environment is also reflected in our course schedule and our dynamic and experienced team that includes qualified nurses, teachers and assistants that strive to ensure your children are provided with an exceptional learning environment.
    I personally welcome you to head over to our Nursery and discover for yourself - the facilities, the dedicated teachers and staff and the overall learning experience we provide.
    Come discover your child's true potential with us.

    Best Wishes

    Pratibha Venugopal

  • Why choose us?

    A Wonderful Location

    Lollipop Nursery is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city opposite the Sharjah Beach, in a large Villa with a garden and outside play area. The inside of the Villa is spaciously laid out with the best facilities and infrastructure for your child's overall development.

    A History of Excellence

    The Lollipop Nursery was started in 2001 and since then has been known for its unique 'learn through play' philosophy. And even now, though the new management has taken over, the name of the Nursery and the philosophy it stands for still remain the same.

    A Unique Course Structure

    Our aim is to provide the very best level of child care that helps in their physical, moral,intellectual, creative, social and emotional development. Our special UK curriculum helps in identifying resources and learning opportunities for each child based on their needs.
    We also provide baby care facilities in a secure and safe new environment, thus helping parents to monitor their child's early development and guide them to be successful, confident children in the future.

    An Experienced Faculty

    Our greatest asset is our staff which includes experienced teachers, a trained nurse and qualified assistants, all headed by Mrs. Pratibha Venugopal, who has more than 30 years of experience in the education industry in UAE. She was formerly the Supervisor in Our Own English High School, Sharjah and is currently the Vice Principal at the School of Knowledge, Sharjah.
    Our Nursery Manager, Mrs.Yamina Saifee, is a veteran in the field of education with more than 25 years of experience.

    And a brand new Management with a Mission

    The new Management is committed to providing the very best of education and training so that your young tots become independent, disciplined and self confident leaders tomorrow. The unique course structure and specially charted creative activities at Lollipop Nursery aim to do just that.

  • Curriculum

    The Lollipop Nursery truly believes in 'Learning through Play'. Based on this approach, we follow a British Curriculum combined with Montessori methodologies focussing on the following main areas:

    Personal and Social Development

    With special story telling sessions, role-play, singing, show-and-tell, language and number classes and a unique collection of interesting library books, Lollipop Nursery ensures that children get over their stage fears and learn to work as a team.

    Physical Development

    Our indoor and outdoor play area helps develop concentration, eye - hand coordination, body balance and spatial awareness of your child.

    Creative Development

    With special painting, drawing, play dough modelling, music and dance classes, every child at Lollipop Nursery is given a chance to explore sound, textures and colours and gain confidence to be creative and freely express themselves.

    Language and Literacy

    At Lollipop Nursery, we encourage children to listen and learn from stories. Our library facilitates children with all kinds of books in English that enable them to develop their vocabulary and language skills.


    Here, children develop their mathematical abilities through games, rhymes, and practical sessions like head counting, matching, sequencing, time telling etc. Our cooking sessions also help children to learn about measurements and volumes.

    Knowledge and understanding of the world

    Children learn by exploring their surroundings. Our multi- cultural surroundings help children to learn about people around the world and their cultures. Field trips, events and celebrations help them to understand and discover this wonderful world surrounding them.

  • Fee Structure

    For Further information on our Nursery timings, Fees structure, Bus pickup/Drop off options and Day care program please feel free to contact our staff.
    Contact Us
  • Admission Form

    Reserve your child's seat now by filling the below form:

    Kindly note:- The admission will be completed only once the Registration, Medical and Consent forms have been duly filled and submitted at the Nursery. The forms can be downloaded by the following Links Section: FORMS

  • Terms and Conditions


    Completed forms, Registration fee and Medical fees are required to secure your child's place.


    1.1 Lollipop Nursery is open Sunday to Thursday from 7 pm to 6 pm.
    1.2 A special 'Permission to Collect' letter must be completed if anyone other than the authorized person proposes to collect the child.
    1.3 In case of any changes in details and contact information, the parents are requested to duly inform the nursery at the earliest.
    1.4 Parents are asked to provide supplies of their preferred nap pies and additional nappy changing materials when required. These should be tagged with the child's name.
    1.5 The parents should make sure that the child carries an additional pair of clothing each day in case of an emergency.
    1.6 The completion and submission of the Registration Form is not a guarantee of a place at the nursery. The nursery will inform you within 7 working days as this is subject to availability.
    1.7 The nursery reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions as and if new requirements arise. The parents will be duly notified of the same.
    1.8 The nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any parent's, carer's or child's property or belongings.
    1.9 You agree to Lollipop Nursery electronically storing any of your child's information.
    1.10 The Nursery accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parent's care on nursery premises. The Nursery will not be liable to parents and/or children for any economic loss of any kind,for damage to the child's or parent's property, for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind.


    2.1 Fees should be paid on a termly basis. However parents who wish to pay monthly should do so by the fifth day of every month.
    2.2 There is a minimum attendance requirement of 2 sessions per week. And no rebate will be given for non-attendance.
    2.3 Registration fee and medical fee are non-refundable, non transferable and payable at the time of enrollment.
    2.4 No refunds are given for sessions missed due to sickness or holidays or unavoidable nursery closure.
    2.5 Term Fees must be paid prior to the start of each term and before the end of the previous term, according to each Payment Due Dates.
    2.6 Fees once paid are not refundable nor are they transferable.
    2.7 The fees excludes the uniform and other expenses. Field and excursion trips that may be organized from time to time may incur additional costs which will be notified to the Parents. These fees are payable along with all the other fees.
    2.8 Lollipop Nursery reserves the right to refuse admissions unless all previous outstanding balances have been settled and if the fees are not paid.
    2.9 The nursery will give parents and carers two months notice of increase of fees which will normally be reviewed in April.


    3.1 If your child cannot attend school for medical reasons, please inform the nursery staff.
    3.2 Should any student take leave outside official holidays, parents should officially inform the nursery of the same.


    4.1 Each student is required to bring his/her healthy snack and lunch.
    4.2 Please be aware there is a strict 'No Nuts' policy at the nursery to avoid allergic children from accidentally eating nuts.
    4.3 Each student should have a water bottle with him/ her which should be clearly named and a wet face towel in a clearly labelled box.

    Page 2
  • Terms and Conditions


    5.1 Children using the school transport will be picked up and dropped at the specified stops.
    5.2 Parents are to ensure that the Child is always accompanied by an adult.
    5.3 If an authorized adult is not at the allotted stop at the time of dropping the child, the child will be brought back to the nursery and the parent will be duly informed. The parent will then have to make alternate arrangements to collect their child from the nursery. This is for the safety of your child.
    5.4 If you change your residence in the course of the year please intimate the nursery authorities at the earliest. 5.5 Each children should be directly handed over by the Parents to the Nursery staff at the time of drop off.
    5.6 You are requested to inform the Nursery staff immediately if you would be unable to pick your child at the allotted time. If notified, the additional time will be charged at the standard hourly rate. Un-notified late collection will be charged at a rate of Dhs 50 per hour to cover emergency staffing and other arrangements.


    6.1 The nursery reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents will be informed of all accidents.
    6.2 A child with with runny nose and cough, fever, diarrhea, rash or any similar infectious diseases should not be sent to the nursery for a minimum of 48hrs or until the diseases subsides completely as certified by the Doctor.
    6.3 The Nursery Management may also ask parents to withdraw their child from the nursery if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection.
    6.4 In the event of an emergency, I agree to the School Nurse, and / or any member of the staff providing emergency care including, if required calling an ambulance or calling in immediate medical attention.I also authorize the Nursery to take my child to the nearest Hospital/Medical Center/Clinic available for emergency treatment. I agree that I will be responsible for any and all costs incurred and take full responsibility for treatment required and hold the nursery and its staff harmless in the event that we are unable to reach the parent and / or emergency contact to confirm the course of action to take.
    6.5 The Nursery Nurse will administer prescribed medicines only if parents have completed and submitted a Medicine Consent form.


    7.1 One month's notice in writing must be given or the equivalent fees paid if a child is leaving the nursery.
    7.2 If parents choose to leave prior to the end of their notice, fees are non-refundable.
    7.3 If the notified start date is changed by the parent, we reserve the right to charge from the original start date notified on the Agreement form.
    7.4 The nursery reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect in case of non-payment of fees, or if a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behavior, or for any other reasonable cause.


    These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents and the nursery. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms and representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. We reserve the right to update / amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime. One month notice will be given of any changes made.

    Page 1
  • TimeTable

    Timetable Bumblebees (3-4 yrs)
    8-8.30 Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play
    8.30-9 Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout
    9-9.30 Kinder Phonics Math Mania Kinder Phonics Think Tanks Simple Science
    9.30-10 Art & Craft Cutting Cutting Puzzles Dot to Dot
    10-10.30 Snack time Snack time Snack time Snack time Snack time
    10.30-10.45 Rhyme N Chime Kinder Phonics Rhyme N Chime Math Mania Rhyme N Chime
    10.45-11.15 Classroom activities/ Worksheet Classroom activities/ Worksheet Classroom activities/ Worksheet Classroom activities/ Worksheet Classroom activities/ Worksheet
    11.15-12 Sand Play Swimming Math Mania Kinder Phonics Theater
    12-12.30 Story time Story time Story time Story time Happy hour
    12.30-1 Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time

    Timetable Butterflies (2-3 yrs)
    8-8.30 Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play Outside\Inside Play
    8.30-9 Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout Wonderful Workout
    9-9.30 Rhyme N Chime Maths Mania Rhyme N Chime Rhyme N Chime Rhyme N Chime
    9.30-10 Snack time Snack time Snack time Snack time Snack time
    10-10.30 Classroom Worksheets Classroom Worksheets Classroom Worksheets Classroom Worksheets Classroom Worksheets
    10.30-11 Kinder Phonics Rhyme N Chime Ruzzles/Blocks Maths Mania Free Play
    11-11.30 Threadiing Beads Montessori Play Kinder Phonics Plasticine Simple Science
    11.30-12 Cutting/Glueing Sand play Swimming Montessori Play Theater
    12-12.30 Story time Story time Art & Craft Story time Happy hour
    12.30-1 Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time Pick up time

  • Field Trip

    Sharjah City Tour

    September 19, 2013

    Last week, the tiny tots at Lollipop Nursery headed for an awesome day out at Sharjah. They visited the major landmarks here like the Quran Roundabout, the Giant Wheel, the Creek and the the old gold souq. And amidst the learning and the sightseeing, the little ones had a ball of a time playing and singing nursery rhymes.

    The main aim in taking the kids around Sharjah, other than having a fun filled wonderful trip,was to make them view places they have been to before in a different light. We are sure that most of them would have already visited these sites. But to see them for what they really are- the history and legends behind these fascinating landmarks - was what we helped them do.

    We believe that this form of teaching helps them stay exited about learning and aids them to understand things their own way. And this is just the beginning of the many fun trips we have planned for the year.

    Will keep you all posted!

    Carrefour Trip

    September 19, 2013
    School trip photo

    This week, the little ones at Lollipop Nursery set out for some grocery shopping at Carrefour supermarket, Sharjah. Here, they got to see, first-hand, a large number of fruits and vegetables they had learnt in class and also discovered a few new ones while at it.

    Though it was an educational tour, it was not just an educational tour. The kids had fun interacting with the Carrefour staff (who, by the way, were wowed by how much they knew about their veggies), enjoyed yummy Mc D snacks and had a whale of a time the entire day.

    School trip photo

    The main aim in taking the kids to Carrefour, was to widen their knowledge on the vegetables and fruits by showing them, first-hand, the various varieties and the different colours, textures and tastes they come in.

    We believe that this form of teaching helps them stay exited about learning and aids them to understand things their own way. We were glad the kids enjoyed the trip as much as we did! We are already making plans for another one.

    Will keep you all posted!

    Click here to view the Gallery >>