Disadvantages Of Home Based Babysitting

Early education is important for the overall development of your child and those who are sent for babysitting miss out on it. Children taught at an early age benefit from improved attention span and social skills, get better grades and do not require special tutoring to succeed during school years.

A study by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) finds that the benefits of full-day preschool over half-day programs are significant and concludes that “policy makers should strongly consider implementation of full-day preschool.” The report discusses a randomized trial that compared children from low-income families in half-day and full-day public preschool programs.

Results show that children attending full-day programs did better on mathematics and literacy tests than children in a 2.5 to 3-hour public preschool program and the achievement gains continued at least until the end of first grade.

-From National Education Research

1. Home Based Babysitting.

Home based babysitting is definitely not safe. Please bear in mind that you are entrusting your child’s safety to a person with other responsibilities such as household chores and taking care of many kids and babies at the same time. What if the babysitter is cooking in the kitchen and your child slips and falls? For your peace of mind and your child’s safety, it is highly recommended by the government to not entrust your child’s safety to a babysitter.

Moreover, home based babysitting is still expensive without any benefit to your child. The following links from various newspapers in the UAE, highlights the warnings and concerns of home based babysitting.

Illegal Babysitter To Pay Dh200000 After Death Of Girl

Officials Warn Parents Against Leaving Children At Unlicensed Daycare Centres

Dubai Police Shuts Down Illegal Home Daycare Centers

2. Hiring Babysitters or Sponsoring Babysitters.

Hiring or sponsoring a babysitter is equally expensive and is not safe. Although many people say that hiring a babysitter is a good idea, you shouldn’t blindly trust them. There are many issues with hiring a babysitter. The most important thing is you should have 100% trust on your babysitter or anyone handling your children. What if you found a bruise on your child’s arm or what if your child gets hurt and the babysitter does not pay attention? What if the babysitter is busy watching TV or chatting on the phone or goes away leaving your child alone at home, while you are at work? There’s no way to ensure that your babysitter is telling the truth. You could install cameras in your house which is an expensive investment, unless you ensure coverage throughout the house, it is still not safe.

Here are a few cases from the newspaper.

Babysitter Accused Of Beating Sponsors 5 Year Old Boy

Babysitter Accused of Stealing Sponsors Chequebook

Babysitter Denies Slapping Sponsors Son In Park

3. It’s stressful for your child.

If your child doesn’t warm up to strangers easily, spending time with a babysitter can be stressful for them. They might keep things to themselves, which is not a good thing. It can hinder your child’s development. It takes a long time to get to know a prospective babysitter. Although you may have interviewed the babysitter, it is not enough to tell you what kind of person he or she is.

If you really want your child to learn and stay in a safe environment, you can start by looking for the best nursery in Sharjah.

4. Why Send Your Child to Lollipop Nursery?

If you are looking for a nursery in Sharjah, you should consider sending your child to Lollipop Nursery. We accept children from 6mos to 4 years of age and divide classes according to age.

At the Lollipop Nursery we have multiple staff members caring for your child’s health and safety. Per classroom we have one teacher and one-two assistant teacher who constantly monitors your child and makes certain your child learns & develops in a safe environment. We also have a resident nurse who will attend to any issues that your child may be facing. Also, we have CCTV cameras installed throughout the center to monitor our staff and the wellbeing of your child.

 In recent years, research has been done globally on the impacts of early childhood education and development. Many researchers are finding through their studies that investing in education at an early age can yield many long-term benefits. – From McGraw Hill Education

The key benefits of sending your child to the Lollipop Nursery are that they: develop social skills by interacting with other children of the same age group, learn language, alphabets, maths, phonics and other important topics for schools,  attain physical development by playing in our large indoor and outdoor area.

The cost of sending your child to Lollipop Nursery and hiring a babysitter is almost the same. However, the benefits of sending your child to a nursery far outweigh the supposed convenience of hiring a babysitter or utilizing the services of a home based babysitter. Lollipop Nursery offers mid-day, half-day and full day sessions. Fees depend on your selected session.


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