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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I send my child to the Lollipop Nursery?

Our nursery is an establishment for your child to learn, grow and develop while laughing and playing. In our nursery your child will learn the following skills and develop in the following ways:

  1. Key concepts such as alphabets, numbers, phonics, rhymes, develop fine motor skills (for learning to hold pencil), develop writing skills etc.
  2. Learn to socialize in a healthy environment with other children of similar age group.
  3. We encourage your child to be active by providing ample playtime.
  4. We do not promote watching TV, using phones or tablets.
  5. We will prepare your child for school that will help your child perform better in school.
  6. Being in our nursery will give your child a sense of independence and confidence and will help develop independent thinking since they are away from their parents for the first time.
  7. Our environment boosts your child’s self esteem and curiosity levels.
  8. Children learn morals and values such as respecting others, waiting your turn, sharing with others, cooperate with others, team work etc..
  9. Our nursery will help your child develop language and cognitive skills.

What curriculum do you follow?

Research shows that a high-quality nursery curriculum strengthens a child’s personal, social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical skills. Keeping this research in mind, at Lollipop Nursery, we have embraced best practices to form our unique learning curriculum.

We believe both the Indian curriculum and the British curriculum have benefits that would help our children. Therefore, we follow a unique British-Indian curriculum. We have adopted the EYFS framework because we believe the standards defined for the learning, development and care of each child is beneficial for our children.

We also believe the education and standards defined in the Indian curriculum are also uniquely beneficial for our children, especially our Indian children looking to progress into Indian schools.

How do we achieve this? We achieve this by employing staff trained and qualified in either the EYFS or the Indian curriculum. Therefore, we have staff with ample knowledge of the EYFS curriculum as well as staff who have B.ed and ample experience in the Indian schools.

Most of our children have easily gotten admissions into the top rated Indian schools or British schools in Sharjah.

Please inform our Manager on what specific curriculum you would prefer.

Why are you so affordable compared to the other top rated nurseries in Sharjah?

We have structured our programs in such a way that it allows us to be more cost effective than the other standard nurseries in Sharjah.

What are your work timings?

We work continuously from 07am to 5pm, Sundays to Thursdays


Where are you located?

We are located in Al Rifa’ah area which is just 10minutes away from Al Rolla & nearby areas; 15mins away from Al Qasimia, Abushagara & nearby areas; 25mins away from Al Nahda, Al Taawun, Majaz, Al Muweilah and nearby areas.

Why are you located so far away from the city?

We chose to strategically locate away from the city in a villa for the following reasons:

  1. We believe our kids need a good outdoor area for play, development and growth. Hence, we have setup an excellent outdoor play area for our children. We have also setup a gardening area and utilize our outdoor area to teach children concepts of gardening.
  2. We believe a one story villa to be much more safer for the children than being on the ground floor of a building.
  3. We are located in a locality where there is no heavy traffic. Therefore, our location is peaceful and negates any possibility of children running out onto the streets.

Do you provide transportation?

We provide transportation to all areas within Sharjah. Occasionally, we provide transportation to Ajman as well. Please contact our Nursery Management for further information.

At what timings would my child be picked and dropped?

This depends on your location. Please contact the Nursery management for further information.

Would my child have to travel longer hours in the bus?

We strive to ensure every child spends less time in the bus and is picked up and brought to school within a limited time span. We spend ample time with our bus drivers plotting routes to ensure time spent on the bus is minimal.

We also believe that a nursery is an important step for children to transition into schools. Most schools in Sharjah are strategically located in the outskirts of the city. In sharjah due to traffic reasons and the need for reaching schools on time, children are picked up at earlier hours and they spend ample time in the bus. Sitting in the bus for half an hour to one hour and more can be a daunting experience for a child just starting schools.

Therefore, we believe the minimal journey spent in our bus will actually help your child transition smoothly into schools.

What age group should a child be to register at the Nursery?

For admissions in the Lollipop Nursery, your child must be between the age group of 9months to 4 years. Under special circumstances we do provide admission for babies aged 6-9 months and children aged 5 years, please contact the Nursery Management for further information.

Do you provide Meals?

We do not prepare or provide Meals at our premises. However, we do encourage the parents to send tiffin along with their children.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend school?

This is not at all necessary.

What if my child has an allergy?

If your child has any allergies you need to complete the information sheet in the registration form, listing the allergy in detail.

What if my child becomes ill while at the nursery?

We have a resident Nurse working throughout the day. Therefore, if your child does fall sick, the nurse will attend to his/her needs immediately.  The parents of the child will then be informed.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

Please contact our Nursery Management for further information.

How will you make sure my child settles into the nursery well?

For a child, starting a new nursery can present lots of new experiences which they may not have come across before. This could be confusing to start with, especially if your child is accustomed to spending much of their time with you.

To overcome this, our trained staff will be continuously with your child, assuring them, engaging them and helping them socialize with other children. Children quickly settle in, once they meet and interact with other children already settled into the nursery. And with the ample number of activities that we introduce on a daily basis, children easily get into the nursery routine.

We also offer free settling in visits before your child starts nursery. Initially, you can spend a few hours in the nursery with your child. Then you can leave them for short periods of time, till they are familiar with the nursery and its routines

What happens if my child is bottle feeding?

If you are bottle feeding your child you will need to provide formula and bottles. Please provide enough sterilised bottles along with measured formula for each feed during the day.

What happens if my child is taking medicines?

Generally the nursery nurse will only administer prescribed medicines.

If your child is taking medication and some of it needs to be taken whilst they are in nursery, then you will need to let us know when you bring them in. Keep the medicine in its original packaging with appropriate information leaflets.

Each day your child needs medicine, you will need to fill in a medicine form. You need to write down the required dosage and when they need to take it, and then sign the form. If this form is not filled in that day, the staff will not be able to give your child any medicine.

The nursery will never give your child any medicine unless you have given us written consent. We will also never give aspirin or medicines containing ibuprofen unless prescribed by a doctor.

When the medicine is given to your child, the nursery staff will immediately fill this in on the medicine form showing what was given and at what time. You will need to sign this form again when you come to collect your child.

Are you a Nursery or a Day care?

We have both Nursery and Day care facilities. We are a nursery with a well setup environment, qualified staff and we provide quality education and childcare for your children throughout the day. Unlike other nurseries, we have teachers working continuously from 07am to 05pm in order to keep your child active and learning throughout the day with ample rests in between.

We also have day care facilities to provide your child with the adequate care and support that they require.

Do you provide babysitting services?

Definitely! We love having babies around and we do provide babysitting services as well.

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