Introducing Our Nursery App

Our number 1 priority is child safety and parents happiness. We understand that most parents are constantly worried about the well being, emotions and progress of their child at a nursery setting. Keeping that in mind, we have decided to make our parents lives stress free by offering them constant updates about their child via a free app. 


Listed below are a few of the features of the app for our parents.

Daily Updates

Get daily updates of your child on your phone such as sleep checks, meal|snack status, bathroom|diaper status, activities update, current mood etc..

Introducing Our Nursery App Lollipop Nursery

Stay Updated. Never Miss A Moment.

Introducing Our Nursery App Lollipop Nursery

Photo Sharing

Get instant photo updates of your child and stay up-to-date with their current well being & activities of your child. You will never have to worry about missing a moment when your child is at the nursery.

Keep Track Of Your Child's Whereabouts.

and Sign-Out

Get instant updates on sign-in and sign-out of your child, that is, when your child reached the nursery and when your child has left the nursery.

Introducing Our Nursery App Lollipop Nursery
Introducing Our Nursery App Lollipop Nursery

Instant Notifications

Never miss another information or another update about your child. Get instant notification messages on your phone!

Stay Connected With The Nursery.

Send and Receive Message|Chats

Receive chat messages from the nursery and send messages to the nursery – for free!

Introducing Our Nursery App Lollipop Nursery

Launching Soon

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