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Welcome To Our Exciting Theme For July & August

This summer, Lollipop Nursery is heading out on a ‘fun’tastic journey for 60 days to some of the most amazing countries around the world! Get ready for a truly memorable experience filled with amazing activities and lots of learning & fun. Register today to secure your child’s spot for our super exciting journey around the world.

About the Theme

‘Around The World In 60 Days’ is all about introducing the children to the different cultures and traditions in some of the major countries across the world. Some of the countries we will be covering include the UAE, the USA, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, England, Kenya, Pakistan, Phillipines etc.

Along with continuously learning the basic fundamentals such as alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, phonics etc.. , as part of the theme, the children will also learn about:

a. The people, culture, flag, weather and other unique features of each country. They would also learn to appreciate and respect different people and their cultures.

b. The traditional food & desserts and common fruits & vegetables in each country. We will even prepare delicious treats and have an amazing indoor picnic!

c. The different holidays celebrated in these countries. We will also be celebrating one holiday from around the world at the nursery!

d. The important monuments around the world.

e. The animals and plants unique to each part of the world.

f. The sports & games and music & art unique to different countries.

Other topics that will be covered are:

  1. The 7 Wonders Of The World
  2. The Oceans Of The World
  3. The Solar System
  4. Dinosaurs
  5. The Continents Of The World

The Amazing Activities

Please find below a few of the fun activities that has been planned for July & August. The theme “Around the world in 60days” will be incorporated into most of these activities. As an example, for art n craft, children will individually create Chinese lanterns.

Field Trip

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

Your child gets the amazing opportunity to go on both educational and fun field trips across Sharjah.

Kids Yoga

We plan to teach your child basic yoga techniques to help build a good foundation for the healthy development of body and mind.

Little Chefs

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

 We plan to teach children the different kinds of food around the world and to try our hand at making a couple of them.

Language Development

We plan to help the children with language development by encouraging them to speak in English with storytelling sessions, self-introductions etc.


Dancing is good for health – it helps with physical development and socializing. Moreover, its loads of fun!

Story Time

As part of our theme ‘Around The World’, our team has selected a few stories unique to the different countries to read and enjoy together.

Treasure Hunting

Every child loves hunting for treasures! Besides, it’s a great exercise and helps with developing navigational skills, promoting social skills etc.

Splash Time In The Swimming Pool

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

Water play helps develop fine & gross motor skills and also improves hand-eye coordination… besides, what better way to beat the heat than to enjoy a splash in an indoor kiddie pool.

Personal Hygiene & Table Manners

 In our care, children will learn all about proper oral hygiene, toilet hygiene, the right way to wash hands, coughing & sneezing etiquettes, maintaining nails & hair etc.

Professional Drawing

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

 Drawing helps a child develop hand coordination and prewriting skills required for writing. Our professional drawing teacher also aims to help improve creative and imaginative skills of the child.

School Preparations

Is your child starting school in September? Take advantage of this summer to give your child the basics he/she needs to ace in KG1 and to do well in schools.

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

Augmented Reality

Modern technology has enabled us to bring the different kinds of animals and different forms of transportation into the classroom as if they are right in front of our students.


summer theme Lollipop Nursery

Every child is given an opportunity to plant their own flower pot in our garden and to nurture and watch the plants as they grow.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports And Games

We have many indoor and outdoor sports and games, like basketball, football, hockey, wall climbing, etc. to help the children stay active and healthy this summer.

Art & Craft

summer theme Lollipop Nursery

Our staff have planned multiple art and craft activities relating to the ‘Around the World in 60 days’ theme. Children will individually perform each art and craft activity with the assistance from the staff.

Public Speaking

We have planned public speaking sessions to encourage each child to stand in front of a classroom and describe a story, sing a song or talk about their favourite toy etc. to help them develop their language and boost their self confidence.

Other activities include dramatic play/role play, sensory play, science fun etc.

Theme Highlights

Please find below the important events planned for the month of July and August. Over the course of the two months, the children will continue art n craft activities, worksheets, improving their knowledge on alphabets, rhymes, colors, shapes, phonics, drawing etc and other activities as detailed below..

July 1st – July 5th

Welcome,Welcome, Welcome!

This week, the children will be getting familiar with each other, and beginning to make those lifelong friendships. They will also be given an introduction to the various Countries, about which they will be learning and exploring over the course of the two months. 

July 8th – July 12th

It’s All About Traveling.

This week, the children will learn more about traveling. Activities would include:

  • Learning about the World map.
  • Learning about the different modes of transportation commonly used across the world. They will experience transportation using augmented reality.
  • Creating a passport of their own and
  • Using that passport to travel through an airport as part of dramatic play.
  • If time permits, visit the Sharjah Maritime or Aircraft museum

July 15th – July 19th

Countries, People & Cultures.

This week, the children will learn more in depth about the countries. Children will learn that the world is made up of regions that are very different from each other. Topics would include the people, language & culture, climate, geography, flag and other unique features of each country. Activities would be conducted based on these topics and would include :

  • Fun fancy dress competition with children dressing up in the traditional dresses of each Country
  • Coloring and creating a flag
  • Saying “Hello” in different languages
  • We invite parents from each country to visit the nursery to talk to our children about a unique factor about their Country.

July 22nd – July 26th

Unique Animals Around The World

This week is packed with fun and exciting activities as the children learn about the animals unique to different parts of the world. Children will learn about the animals, their habitat, the food they eat etc. Activities would include

  • Using Augmented reality, children will learn about the animals unique to each country, through an augmented reality globe!
  • Children will learn even more by placing the appropriate animal on the Country it belongs too, on a map.
  • Children will have a sensory play with animals
  • A fun game has been planned where children would be enacting as animals!
  • Whats a better way to end this week than a fun trip to a horse stable and possibly go on a Pony ride!

July 29th – August 2nd

Bon Appetite

This week our children get to put on their very own chef’s cap, that they create themselves, and have fun cooking! Children will learn about the different types of food, dessert, fruits & vegetables eaten across the world. Activities would include

  • Crafting a chef’s cap.
  • Improving their motor skills by making colored dough and various items out of the dough.
  • Make an easy dish from across the world.
  • Have an indoor picnic with parents involved.
  • Conduct an indoor bake sale.

August 5th – August 9th

Wonders Of The World

There are so many wonders across the world such as the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China etc and this whole week is dedicated to children learning about these wonders. Activities would include

  • A Story about one of the wonders.
  • Crafting one of the wonders of the world
  • Building world wonders using wooden blocks and legos
  • Treasure hunting landmarks!
  • Visiting a prominent landmark in Sharjah

August 12th – August 16th

Lollipop’s Got Talent. 

It’s time to explore music, dance and performances across different cultures. Children will get to know about the unique musical instruments, dance forms & performances in certain parts of the World. Activities would include

  • Learning about the unique musical instruments and crafting a unique musical instrument of their own such as a kazoo.
  • Singing a song unique to a country
  • Learning about the various dance forms.
  • Children get to spend a session with a professional dance teacher to learn a simple traditional dance step.

August 19th – August 23rd

The Lollipop Olympics & Games

This work the Olympics is being hosted at the Lollipop Nursery and it is going to be packed with lots of fun sports & games. Children will learn about the sports & games unique to different countries. Activities would include

  • Learning about the different types of Sports and having a try at one of the sports such as basketball or football
  • Have fun playing games unique to different parts of the world
  • Crafting a football or a basketball and basketball hoop
  • Children get to spend a session with a professional dance teacher to learn a simple traditional dance step.
  • Children go for some splash time fun in a professional pool!

August 26th – August 30th

Holidays and Festivals

This work children will learn about the holidays and festivals celebrated across the world. Activities would include

  • Learning about a few of the festivals celebrated across the world.
  • Celebrating a world festival at the nursery
  • Crafting an object unique to a festival
  • Learning how celebrations bring people together

In order to adhere with the Ministry policies, we have limited seats available per session. Please register at the earliest to secure admissions for your child at our Nursery.

Please note:- Lollipop Nursery does not conduct summer camps. This theme is part of our regular learning activities.

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