Why Reading To Your Child Will Benefit Them

Should you read to your child everyday? and Is reading the same book over and over a 100th time beneficial in any way to your child? The answer to these simple questions is Yes! Because this age-old method of storytelling has many advantages that can benefit you and your child. For starters, reading to your child every day, starting from infancy, can improve your child’s brain development as well as turn out to be a fun & exciting bonding activity between you and your little one.

Here are a few reasons why reading to your child on a regular basis can benefit them and help them improve their literacy and language skills.

1. Reading regularly helps build language skills.

Reading regularly helps build the child’s vocabulary as they listen to and learn new words. They are exposed to words and phrases from different topics which they do not get to hear on a daily basis or while hearing others speak. There are so many age appropriate children’s books that are available on various topics such as animal species, plants, places etc.. that would provide them with a vast variety of information that they can learn. 

Other than improving language and literacy skills, children also develop better concentration and attention skills. From books and stories, they also get to understand and learn various behavioral traits such as sharing, being kind, helping others, forming friendships etc.. 

Reading together and talking about different topics relating to the book also helps to build the child’s imagination and encourages thinking. This study of over 200 children represented in the Journal of the National Medical Association, indicates the significant improvements of vocabulary in children who were exposed to regular reading.

2. Reading regularly improves brain activity and helps with brain development.

The article from CNN – This is your child’s brain – on reading discusses the importance of reading to your child and the proven effects it has on their brain development. Research shows that the brain develops rapidly in children from infancy to 6 years of age and exposing them to reading will help develop their cognitive skills.

3. Reading regularly helps improve concentration levels.

If your child wants you to read the same book over and over again, you should definitely do so. This indicates that your child is taking an interest in reading and that they are getting attached to the story. Reading the same book over and over helps your child build fluency, improve concentration levels and  understand the story better.

4. Reading regularly will help reduce screen time.

Children get easily attracted towards technology, such as television, laptops/computers, phones, tablets etc.  Every household have most of these readily available and when children see parents spending time on their laptops or the television or on their phones/tablets, it’s natural that they too want to do the same. However, too much screen time has its harmful effects on children. By spending time reading with your children or just going through books, you can help them to develop an interest towards reading, and thus reduce screen time.

5. Reading regularly helps build a deeper bond with the parents.

Reading regularly helps parents to spend quality time with their children.This is especially beneficial for working parents, because a regular reading time would help them to bond with their child and relax & unwind from a hard day’s work. It would be a great idea to take turns daily, so that both parents get a turn at storytelling. Besides, reading a book or a bed time story together will be one of those memories that you, as parents, will cherish for a long time.

So tonight, pick up a book you think your little one will enjoy, cozy up on the bed and read them a bedtime story. You will be glad you did. Happy reading!

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