About Us

Why we do what we do

It has been proven that children learn the quickest during their early years – that is from the time they are born. And our mission is to help your child to live life to the fullest.

We believe every child is special, full of dreams, hopes and wonder and brimming with joy and potential. But to be a teacher, doctor, leader or world changer, they first need to be ready for the real world.

They need to discover their potential and be confident individuals who are capable of making a difference.

That’s why your child needs a stimulating environment where they can learn & grow through play.

That’s why your child needs Lollipop Nursery.

Learning Activities

Our mission

As one of the leading nurseries in Sharjah, Lollipop Nursery aims to engage children through quality interactions and provides them with a variety of learning experiences that will enable them to succeed in the real world. Our mission has always been to provide quality education to all our children and a suitable, safe and welcoming environment necessary for them to learn and develop.

We provide

Our children, aged 6 months to 4 years, the opportunity to explore and expand their skills and knowledge with specially structured learning activities in a stimulating, colourful, safe and edutaining environment, thus helping them get ready for school and beyond.

Our parents with insight on the most ideal way to equip their child with the necessary skill sets for the real world and offer advice & support to ensure the child’s well-being and overall development.

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