About Us

About Us - Best Day Care Nursery in Sharjah, Daycare, Child Care Near Me

Lollipop Nursery started its journey on 24th November in the year 1999, providing quality education and care for children in Sharjah. We welcome children of different nationalities and support their abilities, their interests and give them exposure to various cultural experiences.Each child is unique and at Lollipop Nursery we respect that.

We extend our hands to the child’s family and the community as a whole. We have enrolled staff with energy, excitement, and a ceaseless responsibility to the kids.

Lollipop Nursery is open all day and all the year-round catering to the needs of the working parents and supporting the needs of every child.

Best day care nursery in sharjah, daycare, child care near me

Feel free to visit us…to give your child a better tomorrow, today.

Our Vision

A happy and safe environment where each child’s uniqueness is nurtured; and where they can develop a curious mind and passion for learning through play.

Our Mission

At Lollipop Nursery and Day care, we aim:

  • To provide an inclusive, safe, secure, and stimulating environment for the children to explore and develop.
  • To deliver support and care provision, personalised and holistic education, as well as age-appropriate learning opportunities.
  • To promote enriching relationships that foster respect, trust and warmth.
  • To maintain healthy working environment with opportunities of development for staff.
  • To work together with parents as partners for identifying approach suitable for the family.
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