Terms and Conditions

About Admission

Online Registration is a temporary confirmation of an admission in the Nursery. Final admission is confirmed once all the relevant forms are completed and submitted to the administration along with all the necessary documents. Delay or failure to do so cannot guarantee admission.

The completion and submission of the Registration Form is not a guarantee of a place at the nursery. The nursery will inform you within 7 working days as this is subject to availability.

General Terms

  1. Lollipop Nursery  is open Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm and on Fridays from 7 am to 11 am.
  2. An Authorization letter with the copy of Emirates ID has to be handed over by the parents if anyone other than the parent proposes to collect the child.
  3. In case of any changes in details and contact information, the parents are requested to duly inform the nursery at the earliest.
  4. The nursery reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions as and if new requirements arise. The parents will be duly notified of the same.
  5. The nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any parent’s, carers or child’s property or belongings.
  6. You agree to Lollipop Nursery electronically storing any of your child’s information.
  7. The Nursery accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parent’s care on nursery premises. The Nursery will not be liable to parents and/or children for any economic loss of any kind, for damage to the child’s or parent’s property, for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect, or consequential loss or damage of any kind.

About Fees

  1. Fees should be paid on a termly basis. However, parents who wish to pay monthly should do so by the fifth day of every month.
  2. There is a minimum attendance requirement of 2 sessions per week. And no rebate will be given for non-attendance.
  3. Registration fee, medical fee and activity fee are non-refundable and non transferable. Registration fee is payable at the time of enrollment. Medical and Activity fee is to be paid annually.
  4. No refunds are given for sessions missed due to sickness or holidays or unavoidable nursery closure.
  5. Fees once paid are not refundable nor are they transferable.
  6. The fees exclude the uniform and other expenses. Field and excursion trips that may be organized from time to time may incur additional costs which will be notified to the Parents. These fees are payable along with all the other fees.
  7. Lollipop Nursery reserves the right to refuse admissions unless all previous outstanding balances have been settled and if the fees are not paid.
  8. The nursery will give parents and carers two months’ notice of an increase in fees.

About Attendance

  1. If your child cannot attend school for medical reasons, please inform the nursery staff.
  2. Should any student take leave outside official holidays, parents should officially inform the nursery of the same.

About Food & Drinks

  1. Each student is required to bring his/her healthy snack and lunch.
  2. Please be aware there is a strict ‘No Nuts’ policy at the nursery to avoid allergic children from accidentally eating nuts.
  3. Any health issues, allergy or food restrictions of the child are to be communicated at the time of enrolment through registration form.
  4. Each student should have a water bottle with him/ her which should be clearly named.

About Transportation

  1. Children using the school transport will be picked up and dropped at the specified stops.
  2. Parents are to ensure that the child is always accompanied by an adult.
  3. If an authorized adult is not at the allotted stop at the time of dropping the child, the child will be brought back to the nursery and the parent will be duly informed. The parent will then have to make alternate arrangements to collect their child from the nursery. This is for the safety of your child.
  4. If you change your residence in the course of the year, please intimate the nursery authorities at the earliest.
  5. Parents should hand over children using own transport to the Nursery staff at the time of drop off.
  6. You are requested to inform the Nursery staff immediately if you would be unable to pick your child at the allotted time. If notified, the additional time will be charged at the standard hourly rate. Un-notified late collection will be charged at a rate of Dhs 50 per hour to cover emergency staffing and other arrangements.

About Medical

  1. The nursery reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents will be informed of all accidents.
  2. A child with runny nose and cough, fever, diarrhoea, rash or any similar infectious diseases should not be sent to the nursery for a minimum of 48 hrs or until the diseases subsides completely as certified by the Doctor.
  3. The Nursery Management may also ask parents to withdraw their child from the nursery if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection.
  4. In the event of an emergency, Nursery Nurse, and / or any member of the staff may provide emergency care including, if required calling an ambulance or calling in immediate medical attention. Nursery may take my child to the nearest Hospital/Medical Center/Clinic available for emergency treatment. Parent will be responsible for any and all costs incurred and take full responsibility for treatment required and hold the nursery and its staff harmless in the event that we are unable to reach the parent and / or emergency contact to confirm the course of action to take
  5. The Nursery Nurse will administer prescribed medicines only if parents have completed and submitted a Medicine Consent form.

About Termination & Cancellation

  1. One month’s notice in writing must be given or the equivalent fees paid if a child is leaving the nursery.
  2. If parents choose to leave prior to the end of their notice, fees are non-refundable.
  3.  If the notified start date is changed by the parent, we reserve the right to charge from the original start date notified on the Agreement form.
  4. The nursery reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect in case of non-payment of fees, or if a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour, or for any other reasonable cause.


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents and the nursery. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms and representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The Lollipop Nursery reserve the right to update / amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be advised to customers.

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